Cybercom wireless solution simplifies IVECO operations

2007-11-01, 08:00
Using Bluetooth™ technology, Cybercom developed a wireless communication module for Eltrac, an electronics excellence centre in the Iveco Group. The module enables wireless communication between vehicles and diagnostic computers and simplifies and accelerates repair operations in workshops.

A truck must be able to handle business-critical transports on a 24/7 basis. So fast, accurate error detection and correction is crucial for service technicians.

Cybercom developed a Bluetooth™ solution to add value to Iveco’s service offering in sophisticated vehicle diagnostics. The module was seamlessly integrated into Iveco's existing diagnosis platform. The wireless solution also saves manufacturing time by enabling faster software downloads into vehicles' several electronic control units.

"Communication between vehicles and our diagnostic platform has never been so simple," says Pasquale Cancellara, R&D manager at Eltrac s.r.l. "Thanks to the new Bluetooth™ solution, we can communicate wirelessly with the vehicle – without cables and unnecessary connectors. Workshop efficiency increased, which in turn, saves time and money for our customers."

"Faster service results in more uptime and increased profitability for the truck owner,” says Patrik Björler, manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom West. “The Bluetooth™ module is a solid, reliable solution that currently is used in thousands of repair shops worldwide. Launching new functions, features, and technologies in existing solutions is always a challenge. Reliability must be better than in past, and the perceived quality must often exceed customers' expectations."

Questions? Please get in touch with:

Patrik Björler, manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom Sweden West +46 31 744 8074
Patrik Anshelm, acting IR and communications director, Cybercom Group +46 70 971 1284
Pasquale Cancellara, R&D manager, Eltrac srl +39 01 122 309 270

About Cybercom
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About Eltrac s.r.l.
Elettronica Trasporti Commerciali (ELTRAC) is an electronics excellence centre, part of IVECO, and specialised in the IVECO products. Iveco Customer Global Service and Fiat Power Train are Eltrac’s most key customers. Eltrac offers huge opportunities for growth in product development of commercial vehicles, special vehicles, and buses. ELTRAC uses state-of-the-art technologies for the design of electronics and software applications in these business areas: on-board electronics, production plants, and customer service. Find out more at:

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