Cybercom wins new development project in automotive industry

2009-01-13, 13:15
Cybercom and Talent Plastics signed a contract for electronics and software development for two components required by an international vehicle manufacturer. The final products facilitate simpler, safer working environments for professional chauffeurs.

Cybercom and Talent Plastics won the assignment in tough international competition. Talent Plastics is the product supplier, and Cybercom develops electronics and software for the products whose identity still remains confidential.

"This is a very interesting project," says Patrik Björler, key account manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom in Gothenburg. "The products to be developed will enable safer working environments. They contain technologies that make work easier for professional chauffeurs. The products will strengthen our customer's competitiveness. We were selected as a development partner due to our expertise in wireless communication and user interface."

"Our experiences with Cybercom from earlier technical prestudies are very positive," says Håkan Ljung, CEO, Talent Plastics . "We're delighted to work together again. Talent Plastics and Cybercom make a very strong team – thanks to our extensive experience as a product supplier and Cybercom's experiences with large, comprehensive automotive industry projects."

The project deals with Autosar compatibility. Autosar is a global software standard for the automotive industry. The standard manages complexity that results from skyrocketing functionality growth, among other things.

"Of course we're proud to be selected for this significant project," says Håkan Fernström, division manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom in Gothenburg. "In combination with various technology areas, we get great opportunities to continue our development within Autosar. I believe that our customers particularly appreciate that we're a catalyst for the telecom and automotive industries, for which we contribute reliable solutions and reusable, attractive expertise from one industry to another. We're also noticing that our local expertise, with our offshore proposition, makes us more competitive."

Questions? Contact:
Håkan Fernström, division manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom Sweden West AB +46 70 267 94 16
Patrik Björler, key account manager, Automotive Solutions, Cybercom Sweden West AB +46 70 379 18 70
Håkan Ljung, CEO, Talent Plastics Laxå AB +46 70 847 46 02
Kristina Cato, communications director and IR manager, Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ) +46 70 864 47 02

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