Cybercom supports Metronome's web initiative

2007-12-13, 08:00
Metronome and TV3 launched, a web version of the Lyxfällan (luxury trap) TV show. Cybercom played a key role in the project and delivered technical solutions plus several of the site's applications.

The project's goal was to transform Lyxfällan on the web into Sweden's leading site and community for personal finance. How? By offering new, attractive content and smart services and functions that inspire visitors.

Lyxfällan is one of Swedish TV3's most successful productions – the programme has had as many as 880,000 viewers for one installment. Metronome's Meter Film & Television operation produces Lyxfällan for TV3. Lyxfällan won an award for the best lifestyle programme in 2007.

"Lyxfällan on the web is another way for us to develop content for many new channels, in co-operation with TV3," says Mats Alders, president and CEO of Metronome Film & Television. "This enables us to attract new target groups and additional viewers to our programmes and productions."

Lyxfällan on the web targets persons who want to get control of their finances. Using smart applications and tips from professional advisors, visitors can, for example, learn procedures for creating a budget and monitoring/controlling their savings and expenditures.

"The site's format and functions are aligned with the programme concept," says Johan Glimskog, project manager, Cybercom Group. "For example, I believe that the simple budget tool on is an excellent aid that benefits many visitors."

The Lyxfällan solution is based on principles applicable to the latest Web 2.0 technologies such as Adobe Flex2 and Drupal (a content tool). These technologies enable construction of sophisticated rich web applications and provide development functions used for social networks and user groups.

The digital solutions market is based on Web 2.0 principles, and the technologies are multiplying like rabbits. Convergence of telecom, Internet, and media drives growth in this area and enable the establishment of totally new concepts and value-added businesses that generate a lot of traffic. The Cybercom Group's focus is on becoming a leading integrator and development partner for companies that operate on this market.

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Johan Glimskog, Strategic Sales & Global sourcing services director, Cybercom Group +46 70 586 36 06
Patrik Anshelm, acting IR and communications manager, Cybercom Group +46 70 971 12 84
Mats Alders, president and CEO, Metronome Film & Television +46 70 25 32 00

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