Cybercom signs contract with Swedish Transport Agency for management of e-archive solution

2011-10-10, 08:30
Cybercom has entered into a contract with the Swedish Transport Agency for management of the agency’s e-archive solution. The agreement covers archiving of the Transport Agency’s digital information and runs initially for two years.

The deal is one of the larger e-archive management procurements conducted in Sweden.

“This is a strategically important deal for Cybercom in the context of the framework agreement we have with the Swedish Legal, Financial, and Administrative Services Agency,” says Christoffer Backman, enterprise content management (ECM) account manager at Cybercom. “It’s gratifying that we’ll be responsible for managing and developing of one of Sweden’s largest electronic archives.”

The Transport Agency chose this approach because it is the most cost-effective, high-quality management service for e-archives. Cybercom has a strong offering of digital services to the public sector, from generating information to long-term preservation of information, as in this case.

Signifikant will be a subcontractor to Cybercom on this project. Signifikant’s Open E-Archiving Framework (OEF) solution is designed as a framework in which various customer demands can be met using the same solution. The OEF solution is built for archiving based on the principle that all archive clients have their own unique needs. The same framework can be used to meet the demands of many different authorities, offering extensive interface and functionality configuration options.

“This transaction demonstrates the strength of Signifikant’s offering in terms of e‑archive solutions and management services for the public sector,” says Ruud de Bruijckere, vice president of Signifikant. “The solution focuses on transparency and collaboration, is system-independent, and can be delivered as a solution or a service.”

The agreement is valid for two years with a two-year extension option.

For more information, contact:

Christoffer Backman, key account manager, Cybercom Sweden +46  707 94 4105

Ruud de Bruijckere, vice president, Signifikant +46 703 82 00 66

Anna Trane, PR & brand manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 84 74 69


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