Cybercom sells CyberMate to Medtronic

2005-04-19, 11:05
Medtronic, an international medical technology company, is acquiring CyberMate PreHospital and its operations. CyberMate PreHospital is Cybercom’s electronic document management system for emergency medical care.

The acquisition goes into effect in mid April 2005. The deal covers all investments that Cybercom made for the operation and positively affects Cybercom’s liquidity. Intangible assets of about 15 MSEK are transformed into liquid assets.

Physicians, nurses, and paramedics use CyberMate to manage patient data and quality assurance and to assist in treatment decisions. The system also captures comprehensive data for accurate billing and reimbursement.

“Given the diversity of needs regarding patient data capture in markets worldwide, it’s important to offer customers a complete product line with a wide range of data analysis and data management tools” says Robert White, president of Medtronic Emergency Response Systems. “Electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) is an emerging market and complements our core resuscitation therapies and patient monitoring businesses.”

Cybercom and Medtronic in Europe launched a partnership in October 2002. At that time, CyberMate PreHospital was customised for Medtronic’s LIFEPAK® 12 product, which is used for defibrillation, telecom-based medical care, and entry of vital signs that are captured during emergency medical care.

“We proud that we’ve developed such a great system,” says Mats Alders, CEO of Cybercom Group. “We know that it facilitates and quality assures life-critical ambulance services.

Several county councils in Sweden and European companies that offer ambulance services use CyberMate. Right now, further installations are being implemented in Europe.

For further contact:

Mats Alders, president and CEO Cybercom Group, + 46 707 25 32 00
Kristina Svensson, communications manager Cybercom Group, + 46 708 644 702

About CyberMate PreHospital
CyberMate PreHospital is a solution that simplifies and quality assures ambulance-service journaling. Ambulance personnel quickly and safely enter data into computers. Via LIFEPAK® 12, vital signs, such as EKG readings, are automatically transmitted. The system can be linked to an alarm centre, which stores alarm registration and patient data. And ambulance journals can be transmitted at the same time that ambulances deliver patients. Each ambulance has a small transmitter from which journal data are transmitted to an emergency centre printer. Then a complete journal can be printed at the hospital. All patient observation and treatment data are stored electronically, which provides high-quality decision-support documentation and facilitates statistical follow-up and billing.

About Cybercom
The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consulting company that offers business-critical IT solutions and consultancy services with telecom and selected technologies. Cybercom was launched in Sweden in 1995. Its share was quoted on Stockholmsbörsen’s O list in 1999. The Group has operations in 10 countries and offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. Cybercom employs about 370 persons. Find out more at

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