Cybercom selected to run Sony Ericsson external websites

2006-06-14, 08:10
Cybercom and Sony Ericsson have recently signed an agreement for the application management, development and testing of Sony Ericsson’s external web sites and corresponding functions. A large part of the assignment, which is scheduled to be in effect until 31 December 2008, will be delivered by Cybercom’s offshore operation. According to the contract, Cybercom will manage current administration and participate in important development and testing projects.

“Our portal is one of our most important channels for nurturing relations with consumers and offering product information and services,” says Mats Frisk, Director of the Internet Solution Centre at Sony Ericsson. “Our decision to expand our current working relationship with Cybercom is based on positive experience we have had working with them in the past.”

”We’re delighted about Sony Ericsson’s show of trust,” says Bengt Levin, Executive vice president of the Cybercom Group. “Portal development and maintenance and mobile solutions constitute one of our expertise areas. Since 2002, we’ve had application management responsibility for various parts of Sony Ericsson’s web sites. With our newly launched operation in India, we can now offer competitive offshore services and expand our commitments. To enable a structured solution package, our employees work offshore and onshore – close to customers. That way, we can ensure fast deliveries, top quality, 24/7 support, and development.”

“This deal is very vital for us,” says Mats Alders, CEO of Cybercom. “Sony Ericsson is one of our major customers, and its show of faith confirms that our strategy is sound and our offering is attractive. Being a market player with global delivery capabilities is a critical success factor. Our customers operate on a global market and here, Cybercom is a player they can count on. We think that local growth via attractive 24/7 deliveries – where selection of the best shore is a key ingredient – drives near-term success for our industry.”

The contract was signed in June 2006, and a multi-phase transition period is expected to end in October. Cybercom’s offshore start-up expenses will be booked in Q2 2006.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Alders, President and CEO + 46 707 253 200
Bengt Levin, Executive vice president + 46 708 57 62 75

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