Cybercom secures Swedes’ digital identity

2013-06-14, 10:10
Cybercom Group has won a contract for “Federation services for Swedish e-identification” for the EIdentification Board. The contract runs for three years, with an option for a further two years.

“We are very proud to be given the opportunity to build the security foundation that is essential for the entire e-society. This contract further strengthens our leading position in the field of federations – a cornerstone of identity solutions for a connected world, where security should not lock things away but instead create opportunities for collaboration,” says Björn Lindeberg, Business Manager, Cybercom.

Cybercom will develop secure infrastructure for Swedish e-governance. The assignment consists of development in 2013, and hosting and application management during 2014-2016. The value of this contract is estimated to approximately SEK 30 million. Cybercom has worked with IT security for many years with several of Sweden’s leading companies and organisations.

“This assignment demonstrates Cybercom’s unique position within IT-security. We are assisting the EIdentification Board with a new platform for electronic identities, intended to allow citizens to use their digital identity (their eID, security token or similar) in a simpler and more flexible way. The technology also means that organisations can rely on each other’s logins so that we as users are given the opportunity of so-called single sign-on for various government agencies, as well as integration of cloud services in a secure way,” says Bo Strömqvist, Head of Sales, Cybercom Group.

For further information, please contact:
Bo Strömqvist, Head of Sales, Cybercom Group,                                                      +46 704 452 520
Björn Lindeberg, Business Manager, Cybercom Secure Connectivity                          +46 733 144 990
Kristina Cato, Communications Director and IR Manager, Cybercom Group                +46 708 644 702

About Cybercom
Cybercom is an IT consulting company that assists leading companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. The company’s areas of expertise span the entire ecosystem of communications services. Cybercom’s domestic market is the Nordic region, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. Cybercom was founded in 1995 and has been quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange since 1999.

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