Cybercom partners with Telia to connect 300 million machines

2010-03-25, 13:00
Cybercom is partnering with Telia to develop new M2M solutions. Together with companies such as Telia, Cisco, Ericsson and Intel, it will offer communication solutions to connect tractors to computers, vending machines to warehouses, and energy meters with power companies.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions interlink machines and are growing at a record pace. Industry analysts estimate that over 300 million machines will be networked in the next 10 years just in Sweden. Cybercom has entered a partnership network with Telia, Cisco, Ericsson, Motorola, Intel and others to develop complete M2M solutions.

“This partnership opens up completely new business opportunities for the member companies," says Anders Franzén, managing director of Cybercom Sweden East. “We can create mobile solutions to connect devices such as smart electricity meters to electricity companies. Both energy customers and energy companies will benefit from up-to-date information about electricity consumption and costs. It saves money and paves the way for new services.”

Cybercom could connect forestry machinery in the field with a logging company’s service department. The forest machinery could then automatically report its need for oil or fuel.

Vending machines in malls could be connected by Cybercom to restocking systems so that the machines could report which drinks needed to be refilled. Machines could also indicate when they needed to be emptied of money.

To develop M2M systems, Cybercom may need everything from hardware solutions delivered by its partner Cisco, to networks from Ericsson, and systems integration solutions and business consultants from Cybercom. The M2M partner network puts customers in contact with business-critical suppliers.

“Security and surveillance, retail, surveying, control systems, transportation, and logistics are just a few areas in which we see a current demand for M2M solutions," says Franzén.

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