Cybercom opens office in Dubai

2007-11-22, 08:00
Cybercom will open an office in Dubai in early 2008. Cybercom is currently working on several assignments in the region, so it is a natural next step to establish an office to provide the best possible service to customers and recruit new employees.

“The Middle East is a growing geographic market for Cybercom,” says Patrik Boman, CEO and president of the Cybercom Group. “The need for IT and telecom is growing quickly in the entire region, since many countries are building new infrastructures for broadband, mobile telephony, and wireless data communication at a fast pace. More and more companies are opening offices and businesses in Dubai to address nearby markets, and all have a growing need for IT. Cybercom’s business in the Middle East is now growing quickly as a result of several new assignments. Currently, more than 60 consultants are working on jobs for operators and systems suppliers in Africa and the Middle East. Demand has really taken off and a Dubai office places us in a position to do more business in the region.”

Dubai is located in the Persian Gulf region and is a member of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is unique in that the emirate is a free trade zone without direct business, income, or payroll taxes. It is growing quickly and has a favourable attitude toward foreign companies, leading to tremendous expansion in the emirate with the establishment of many Western companies. Economic growth was 8.9% in 2006.

“In the last few years, we’ve delivered services in the Middle East with consultants from Sweden, Poland, and Singapore,” says Conny Karlsson, managing director of Cybercom Singapore. “It’s a very expansive region and many of our customers there also have interests in Africa, which means growth potential for the services we can offer is very high. The number of inquiries coming in has increased rapidly, and to provide good service, it’s important to be near the customer. By opening an office in Dubai, it will be much easier to utilize the growth potential of the region.”

Questions? Please get in touch with:
Patrik Boman, CEO and president, Cybercom Group, +46 73 983 89 79
Conny Karlsson, managing director, Cybercom Singapore, +65 983 730 16
Patrik Anshelm, acting IR and communications manager, Cybercom Group, +46 709 711 284

About Cybercom
The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consultancy that offers global sourcing for end-to-end solutions. The Group established itself as a world-class supplier in these segments: portals, mobile solutions, embedded systems, e-commerce, and business support systems. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, Cybercom can offer strategic and technological expertise to these markets: telecom, Internet, and media (TIM); banking and financial services; automotive; national defence; and the public sector. The Group employs about 1300 persons and runs projects worldwide. Cybercom has offices in Denmark, India, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Since 1999, Cybercom’s share has been quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange. Find out more at

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