Cybercom makes live broadcasting from mobile phones a reality

2010-05-20, 11:00
Cybercom, using innovative technology from software developer Mashmobile and Bambuser, developed a solution to view a real-time feed from a mobile phone on a news site. The technology is currently debuting at the Lund Carnival, where over 50 carnival participants will use mobile phones to broadcast a live, behind-the-scenes documentary.

“This is a completely new method for media companies,” says Mattias Johansson, business developer at Cybercom Sweden South. “We’re already receiving requests from newspapers that want to transmit live feeds from mobile phones. The cost is much lower than with current technology.”

Cybercom is behind the systems integration and software application that make the live feed available at a website while recording.

The technology is making its entrance for the first time in a real-life situation at one of Sweden's largest student events – the Lund Carnival. The solution has been made with Sony Ericsson who donated the phones, Telia who contributed the subscriptions and Mashmobile and Bambuser who stand behind the technology.

Around 50 carnival riders will transmit real-time feeds from behind the scenes. The live correspondent reports can be viewed at

Put simply, the mobile phones are transformed from terminals into servers that allow a designated website to connect and display video as it is recorded. The geographic location of the reporter is shown, and still images can be downloaded from the mobile phone during broadcasting.

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Mattias Johansson, business developer, Cybercom Sweden South +46 708 25 96 58
Anna Trane, press and PR manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 84 74 69

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