Cybercom launches joint venture in India

2006-04-26, 08:00

By establishing a joint venture with Mumbai-based Datamatics Ltd, Cybercom will be able to provide competitive global services to its customers.

In line with its strategy to grow internationally and increase its proportion of major offshore projects, Cybercom has launched an operation in Mumbai. With enterprises increasingly demanding offshore services, which provide best-of-breed solutions and offer cost advantages, Cybercom’s offering becomes more attractive for customers.

“Going forward, we believe that about 15-20% of our revenues will come from offshore engagements,” said Bengt Levin, Executive Vice President, Cybercom Group. “As part of our growth strategy, we’re now focusing on India as an offshore base. And with Datamatics, we’re investing in the country. India has a well-developed and mature IT service industry. We see this as business critical and important.”

“The Nordic markets, particularly the telecom sector, are very attractive, and Cybercom provides a strong local customer interface which complements Datamatics strengths,” said Rahul Kanodia, Managing Director, Datamatics Limited. “We believe that together we can provide enhanced service offerings and build a more competitive business.”

Cybercom and Datamatics will equally own the newly started entity. By May 2006, the company’s organisation will be ready to meet customers’ demands. A locally appointed CEO will run the new company and report to a board that consists of equal representation from Cybercom and Datamatics.

Attached is a press photo from the event.

For more information, please contact: Phone
Bengt Levin, Executive Vice President Cybercom
+ 46 708 57 62 75
Rahul Kanodia, MD Datamatics
+ 91 98210 90241
Mats Alders, President and CEO Cybercom
+ 46 707 253 200

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Cybercom Group
The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consulting company that offers business-critical IT solutions and consulting within telecom and selected technologies. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, the company can offer technology expertise within telecom – for network and terminal development. Cybercom specialises in portals and mobile solutions, e-commerce and billing, embedded systems plus telecom management consulting and networks. Cybercom was launched in 1995; since 1999, its share has been quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange’s O list (Stockholmsbörsen). The Group runs project worldwide and has offices in Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Cybercom currently employs about 430 persons. Find out more at:

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