Cybercom invests in Smartphone platforms

2007-09-12, 12:39
Cybercom is signing a partnership agreement with UIQ Technology, which offers leading mobile platform products based on Symbian OS – one of Cybercom's areas of expertise. To meet increased demand, Cybercom is expanding in this area.

"UIQ Technology's partnership with Cybercom enables us to add value for our customers when it comes to software development for new mobile phones," says Carina Lindberg, head of Partner Management at UIQ Technology. "We welcome Cybercom into our alliance, and we look forward to successful co-operation."

"UIQ's proposition is a flexible solution that simplifies local, mobile-application customisation," says Johan Strid, vice president, Cybercom Sweden South, "applications such as push e-mail, web browsing, user personalisation, and enhanced music applications. Because Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications acquired UIQ Technology, UIQ’s development platform and application suite are global standards that will be put to good use."

"Smartphones account for a large percentage of mobile phone manufacturers' and mobile operators' revenue and profit," says Strid. "The software market for sophisticated phones is skyrocketing. Through this partnership, we strengthen our proposition and our customers' proposition, while we participate in future Smartphone development."

Mobile solutions constitute one of Cybercom's core areas in which Cybercom experiences strong growth and engages several hundred consultants. To enhance Cybercom's leading position and enable further grow in this area, Cybercom identified UIQ Technology as a long-term partner. Right now, Cybercom serves several of the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers – working with application development, testing, localisation, and content services for Smartphones. Due to the partnership agreement with UIQ, Cybercom participates in the UIQ alliance for continued development of a new global standard.

Sony Ericsson bought UIQ Technology in February. UIQ is a business unit within the Group – responsible for independent platform development for the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers.

Questions? Please get in touch with:
Johan Strid, vice president, Cybercom Sweden South +46 703 791 061
Carina Lindberg, head of Partner Management +46 708 576 056
Patrik Anshelm, acting IR and communications manager +46 709 711 284

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