Cybercom develops security architecture for SOS Alarm

2009-03-11, 09:00
SOS Alarm commissioned Cybercom to develop the security architecture and necessary security components for its e-services platform. SOS Alarm will base future business development on this platform. The company's portal offers secure e-services and increased accessibility for clients and partners.

SOS Alarm puts extremely rigorous security demands on its systems, and its clients increasingly require improved accessibility. To fulfil all these requirements, SOS Alarm will offer its e-services via a new e-service platform. The first service to be launched enables health and medical services to order ambulances directly from the portal.

"The new e-services platform is a milestone for SOS Alarm," says Per Palm, technical manager at SOS Alarm. "Now we can offer all our clients and partners new methods to communicate with us.”

"We're delighted that SOS Alarm chose Cybercom to develop these important services," says Henrik Johansson, business division manager, Cybercom Sweden East. "We see enormous potential in this partnership going forward. Cybercom's expertise is in demand – particularly when it comes to e-services. And we've noticed an increasing need for secure e-services platforms within county council operations, municipalities, and public authorities."

Questions? Contact:

Henrik Johansson, business division manager, Cybercom Sweden East +46 708 250 080
Per Palm, technical manager, SOS Alarm +46 8 40 73 000
Kristina Cato, communications director and IR manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 644 702

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