Cybercom delivers billing solutions to TeliaSonera

2005-02-08, 11:00
Cybercom is delivering billing solutions to TeliaSonera Sverige AB, which manages invoicing for electronic refill cards for mobile cash-card customers.

The solution manages invoicing for Nordic retailers that distribute TeliaSonera’s electronic refill cards. Cybercom developed the system exclusively for TeliaSonera – a system based on Cybercom’s technology and IT components from solutions previously delivered to TeliaSonera Sverige AB.

“The solution facilitates fast, easy management of the refill card business,” says Stefan Jakobsson, senior corporate manager of billing at TeliaSonera. “When it comes to various mobile billing solutions, we’ve had a long-term partnership with Cybercom; naturally, we’re very satisfied.”

“TeliaSonera is a key customer, and we’re delighted to receive this show of faith,” says Mats Alders, CEO, Cybercom Group. “Cybercom works strategically with billing solutions and technologies. We know that billing system requirements increase in parallel with telecom operators’ new service launches. We have the experience and capabilities necessary for delivering billing solutions that are specifically aligned with various services and target groups.”

For more information, please contact:

Mats Alders, president and CEO, Cybercom Group phone: + 46 70 725 3200
Stefan Jakobsson, senior corporate manager Billing, TeliaSonera, phone: +46 70 591 01 91
Fred Bertenstam, business development, Cybercom Group, phone +46 70 595 95 01

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