Cybercom delivers Security Verification Services

2008-09-25, 09:00
Cybercom has, as the first Sweden-based company, been certified to deliver security accreditation services according to the PA-DSS standard.

"We are happy to announce that PCI SSC, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, has recognized Cybercom’s excellence in providing security services, thereby authorizing us to do security reviews on software and technical components that are used in card-based payment transactions”, says Bengt Berg, Head of PCI DSS Services at Cybercom. “We have already experienced a great surge in requests for these services”.
The PA-DSS, Payment Application Data Security Standard, was created by PCI SSC to combat the ever increasing number of attacks against payment applications. The standard sets requirements on e-commerce solutions, retail cashier systems, and card payment terminals.
Cybercom has a leading role in the payment security area, providing both audit services, penetration tests, network scans, and services aimed to implement these requirements.

All of these services are under rigorous quality control and are subject to yearly requalifications by the payment brands. In addition to this, Cybercom also provides a number of services in IT Forensics services to the payment industry in the case security incidents occur. Customers include payment service providers, banks, and retailers of various size.
With the introduction of PA-DSS into Cybercom’s service offering, an increased support level can be given to vendors of payment solutions that find their products increasingly hard to sell without certificates of PA-DSS compliance.

For more information, please contact:
Bengt Berg, Head of PCI DSS Services, Cybercom Sweden East +46 70 825 0029
Tomas Rimming, Director Business Area Secure, Cybercom Sweden East +46 70 558 2283
Kristina Cato, Director IR and communications, Cybercom Group +46 70 864 4702

About Cybercom
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