Cybercom delivers 3G data network audit to Indonesia

2010-06-10, 11:08
Cybercom has successfully improved the 3G data network for Indonesia’s biggest mobile telecom operator, Telkomsel.  In total, 12 consultants have been involved over a period of 6 months.

Telkomsel has more than 72 million customers and is the leading operator of cellular telecommunications services in Indonesia by market share and revenue share. Telkomsel was the first operator in Indonesia to launch 3G services.

 “This is a prestigious performance improvement project since it is focused on 3G data traffic, which hasn’t been performed on many Asian networks so far and we are pleased to say that Telkomsel is very satisfied with our work,” says Conny Karlsson, Managing Director at Cybercom Singapore.

 Cybercom has accomplished this together with a consortium consisting of Cybercom, Astellia and Excel Consulting. Thanks to Cybercom´s unique expertise, Astellia’s probe-based monitoring solution for 3G data services along with the technical skills of Excel Consulting, Telkomsel has documented substantial improvement in its 3G network and eliminated problems that Telkomsel could not find.

"This is a milestone project for us. We have now performed similar projects for five of Asias biggest telecom operators,during 2010“, says Patrik Boman, CEO at Cybercom Group.

 Telkomsel has high focus on network performance by combining operational experience with advanced network probing solution and the technical skills. Cybercom has provided Telkomsel with the visibility necessary to improve the data network quality in a network with such a large magnitude and complexity.

Find out more, contact:

Conny Karlsson, MD, Cybercom MEA + 65 98 37 30 16

Patrik Boman, CEO, Cybercom Group +46 73 98 38 979

Anna Trane Press & PR Manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 84 74 69

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