Cybercom behind popular fire risk app

2012-04-30, 10:00
Cybercom has developed a fire risk app now being released by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency just in time for Walpurgis Night. The ”BRANDRISK Ute” app uses a mobile phone’s GPS to display fire risk levels.

”This app informs users of the risk of grass fires and forest fires at their particular location right when they’re there. It’s also possible to search for the current fire risk and forecast for another location,” explains Marcus Årskog, communications officer at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

The public can also receive practical tips through videos and checklists on how to light fires more safely in the wild. Cybercom has developed, designed and tested the fire risk app, which is expected to be popular for the spring and summer.

”It's been a fun challenge to develop an app to serve the public, which guides the user in the simplest and most easily used way,” says Adam Hassan, customer account manager at Cybercom.

The ”BRANDRISK Ute” app is intended primarily for the general public, as well as for professional occupations such as the emergency services, and can be downloaded for the iPhone and iPad from the App store.

If the app project is a success, the MSB may develop more mobile platforms or make information available as an open application programming interface (API) so that anyone interested can develop apps using the MSB’s fire risk data.

For further information, please contact:

Adam Hassan, Customer Account Manager, Cybercom  +46 73 852 17 94

Marcus Årskog, Communications Officer, MSB +46 70 584 96 79

Anna Trane, PR & Press Manager, Cybercom Group+46 708 84 74 69

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