Cybercom assumes responsibility for HSB’s portals

2010-01-18, 10:30
Cybercom signed a three-year agreement with HSB for application management of HSB’s intranet and, its external website. The assignment will be managed through Cybercom's global sourcing model.

The assignment includes application management and operation of HSB’s web portal and intranet. The agreement also covers some associated applications. Cybercom will provide a service desk, functional support and technical support. The agreement also includes extended hours of service and additional development.

"Cybercom’s experience and skills with portals and applications appeals to us,” says Björn Brandell, communication manager at HSB Riksförbund. “Their offer reflects the high service, flexibility, and reliability that we need. In addition, partnering with Cybercom gives us more IT for our money compared to our previous solution.”

HSB is a member-owned cooperative organization that is active in home savings, construction, and maintenance. With over 500,000 members and 3,900 tenant-owner societies, HSB is Sweden's largest housing cooperative. HSB’s intranet and external websites are important channels for its relationship with existing and future members.

“HSB is a new Cybercom customer, and we’re delighted that they’re placing their trust in us,” says Mats Frisk, business area manager at Cybercom. “This is a long-term cooperation in which we become close partners with HSB. We see that our experience in the entire IT system life cycle, combined with our global delivery capacity, is opening new opportunities with customers from other segments. It’s really stimulating.”

Cybercom’s Stockholm team is responsible for the assignment and will cooperate with Cybercom’s Mumbai team to increase the support service level. The project is estimated to involve 8 consultants.

“Since 2006 we managed similar projects on large and small scales in coordination with our Swedish and Indian teams,” says Bengt Wiktorén, operational manager for Cybercom India. “We increase service to our customer, as well as service for their customers’ internet services, for which we can offer 24/7 support and faster deliveries. And our customers notice major cost savings.”

Find out more, contact:

Mats Frisk, business area manager, Global Sourcing, Cybercom Sweden East +46 70 620 03 24
Bengt Wiktorén, operational manager, Cybercom India +46 70 600 03 77
Björn Brandell, communication manager, HSB Riksförbund +46 767 701030
Kristina Cato, communications director and IR manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 64 47 02

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