Cybercom and Wireless Maingate form strategic partnership

2010-06-29, 08:43
Cybercom has initiated a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading suppliers of machine-to-machine solutions. The partnership entails outsourcing of application management to Cybercom in China.

“We see great cost saving opportunities in outsourcing application management of several operation-critical systems to Cybercom in China,” says Patrik Björkman, CTO at Wireless Maingate. “At the same time, we free up our own development resources and can keep moving forward.”

 The agreement is valid for three years and engages consultants at Cybercom’s operations in Chengdu where Cybercom will handle Wireless Maingate’s customer management systems.

 “This is a strategically important agreement for us that is in line with our strategy of being a global partner that can implement projects in China as well as India,” says Patrik Boman, CEO of the Cybercom Group.

Wireless Maingate is a pioneer in sophisticated M2M solutions, working on innovative development of wireless technology so that products can be online no matter where they are.

“We see great potential in this agreement,” says Per Hindefalk, Business Manager at Cybercom. “We are already discussing elaboration of the partnership and expansion of our Wireless Maingate assignment in China.”

For more information, contact:

Patrik Boman, CEO, Cybercom Group                                                            +46 739 838 979

Patrik Björkman, CTO, Wireless Maingate                                                      +46 703 201 424

Per Hindefalk, Business Manager, Cybercom                                                  +46 703 790 127

Anna Trane, Press & PR manager, Cybercom                                                 +46 708 847 469


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