Cybercom and Scalado enter partnership on image applications in mobile phones

2010-06-14, 12:47
Cybercom signed partnership and framework agreements with Scalado, the global leader in mobile image processing technology. The agreements extend over two years and are estimated to generate revenues of SEK 20 million.

“This is a very important part of our inorganic growth strategy,” says Håkan Persson, Scalado’s CEO. “By partnering with Cybercom, we gain access to a larger global delivery organisation.”

Cybercom is a leading IT consultancy company when it comes to developing mobile services.

“This partnership agreement with Scalado reinforces our position,” says Patrik Boman, Cybercom’s CEO. “Scalado contributes its world-leading image processing technology, and we contribute our global marketing and supplier organisation. Scalado and Cybercom sell each other.”

 Scalado will use Cybercom as a subcontractor for application development and advanced consulting services, while Scalado will benefit from Cybercom’s global marketing and sales organisation and off shore capabilities in for example China.

 “Now we never have to say no to customers,” says Fadi Abbas, one of Scalado’s founders.

 Cybercom and Scalado believe that this will generate considerable revenue. The agreement is estimated to be worth about SEK 20 million for Cybercom alone.

 “Through the partnership, we’ll establish a delivery situation with many of Scalado’s customers who we expect will also generate additional sales in the form of other solutions that Cybercom can offer,” says Mattias Johansson, business manager at Cybercom.

 Scalado leads development of image processing for camera phones in more than 500 million devices.



Find out more, contact:

Patrik Boman, CEO, Cybercom +46 73 983 89 79

Mattias Johansson, business manager, Cybercom +46 70 825 96 58

Håkan Persson, CEO, Scalado +46 46 286 43 42

Fadi Abbas, co-founder, CMO/CSO, Scalado +46 73 311 82 22

Anna Trane, press and PR manager, Cybercom +46 70 884 74 69

About Scalado. Scalado is an image processing application development company that focuses on wireless communication devices. Scalado leads development of image processing for camera phones in more than 500 million devices. Scalado was founded in 2000 and its head office is in the IDEON Science Park in Lund, Sweden. The company’s principal shareholders are venture capitalists NorthCap Partners, Industrifonden, and Teknoseed along with the company’s founders. For more information, visit
About Cybercom. The Cybercom Group is a consultancy that offers global sourcing for end-to-end-solutions. The Group is an established world-class supplier in these segments: security, internet services, mobile services and embedded systems. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, Cybercom offers strategic and technical expertise in telecom, industry, media, the public sector, retail, and banking and finance. The Group employs 1,800 persons and runs projects worldwide. Cybercom has 28 offices in 11 countries. Cybercom was launched in 1995, and its share has been quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange since 1999. Find out more at: (

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