Cybercom adapts operations in southern Sweden

2010-01-27, 08:00
Following a change in the local market in the Malmö and Lund region, Cybercom considers it necessary to reduce its staff in southern Sweden. A notice of layoff that affects 80 employees was given today.

“Our two largest telecom customers in the region have considerably reduced their operations, and we know local reductions will continue in 2010,” says Thomas Barge, managing director for Cybercom’s operations in southern Sweden. “It significantly affects the entire region and now, Cybercom as well. So we’re adjusting our future operations, particularly for specific development and testing, in which we see a changed market situation.”

Cybercom continues its local partnership with these customers, while increasing its deliveries from Cybercom's operations in eastern Europe and Asia.

“We want to act quickly to meet our customers' changing demands,” says Patrik Boman, president and CEO of the Cybercom Group. “This layoff is due to local conditions and limited to a specific skill set. We’ve had a lot of very good years in southern Sweden, particularly 2009, and partially due to our partnership with telecom companies in the region. This change is a natural step to follow our customers’ growing trend to outsource certain types of assignments outside the Nordics. We’re continuing to grow with both customers in other business regions," finishes Boman.

Cybercom has 360 employees in the Skåne region. After the layoffs, Cybercom will continue to be one of the region’s largest consulting companies with 280 employees.

“We have a strong reputation in the Öresund region, and we’re focusing on sales efforts in Copenhagen and Skåne to meet the changed needs of the market," says Barge.

In response to savings schemes announced by customers, Cybercom's assignments in southern Sweden will be affected from mid-March 2010. Full implementation of the layoffs is estimated to cost SEK 28 million, and will affect Q1 2010.

Find out more, contact:
Thomas Barge, managing director, Cybercom Sweden South +46 708 25 96 02
Patrik Boman, president and CEO, Cybercom Group +46 739 83 89 79
Kristina Cato, communications director and IR manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 64 47 02

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