Clarification regarding JCE Group bid

2006-11-24, 15:23
A total of 4.1% of Cybercom’s shareholders accepted JCE’s bid, not including the JCE Group’s affiliates and associates: J. Christer Ericson, Per Edlund, and companies owned by family members of J. Christer Ericson.

The JCE Group (JCE) recently reported the percentage of acceptance of the bid that JCE submitted to Cybercom’s shareholders. JCE announced that through bid acceptance, and with its own acquisition of shares (0.1%) outside the bid, JCE now holds 41.4% of the capital and shares in Cybercom.

JCE’s 26 October prospectus reports that J. Christer Ericsson, Henrikbergs Fastighets AB, and Per Edlund, represented 22.7% of the outstanding shares and that they had committed to accepting the bid. As per the prospectus, J. Christer Ericson’s family members own Henriksbergs Fastighets AB, so JCE and the above-mentioned parties owned and controlled 37.2% before the bid was issued.

It should be clarified that, of the 41.4% of the shareholders that accepted the bid, 37.2% are associated with JCE, and they had accepted the bid before the prospectus was issued, and that only 4.1% of the shareholders besides JCE and its affiliates and associates accepted the bid.

Cybercom’s board retains its recommendation to Cybercom shareholders to not accept JCE’s SEK 38 per share offer. Based on the above, it appears that a majority of Cybercom’s shareholders besides JCE and its affiliates and associates agree with the board.

For more information, please contact:

Per-Eric Fylking, Cybercom board chairman
+ 46 703 20 60 70

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