Bulletin from the 2005 Cybercom Group Europe AB AGM

2005-04-22, 17:01
Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ) held its AGM on Friday, 22 April 2005. AGM decisions are in agreement with boards proposals specified in the AGM notification.

The AGM took the following decisions; all decisions were unanimous.

Newly elected to the board: Ulf Körner, board member and Hampus Ericsson, board deputy
The AGM approved the nomination committee’s proposal to have six regular members and one deputy. The AGM thus agreed with the nomination committee’s proposal to also select a deputy, that way, the deputy can learn about the company the run-up to the next AGM. The AGM re-elected Gert Schyborger (board chair), Per Edlund, Lars Persson, Kerstin Ryer, and Peter Törnquist (board members). Also, the AGM elected Ulf Körner as new board member. Ulf is professor of telecom traffic systems at the Lund Technical University. Hampus Ericsson, Consafe Offshore, was elected as board deputy.

No dividend
As proposed by the board, it was resolved that no dividends be distributed for the 2004 financial year.

Authorisation granted for new share issue linked to acquisitions
The AGM authorised the board to decide on a new share issue of a maximum of 1,500,000 shares – on one or more occasions to increase the company’s share capital – during the period until the 2006 AGM. The board thus has the right to:
• Deviate from shareholders’ preferential rights.
• Determine any other form of payment besides cash payment.

Authorisation covers share issues in connect with acquisitions of companies or operations for which payment totally or partially consists of shares. An earlier press release announced that the company intends to pay for Netcom Consultants through a new share issue. The share issue is planned to take place in the end of April and is estimated to be an issue in kind of about 1 200 000 shares.

Appointment of nomination and remuneration committees
The AGM appointed four persons for the nomination committee: Per Edlund, committee chairman and representative for the company’s larger shareholders; Gert Schyborger, Cybercom’s board chairman; and John Örtengren, representative for minority shareholders (via the Swedish Shareholders’ Association). The board was charged with appointing another committee member six months at the latest before the 2006 AGM; this person will represent votes for one of the four largest shareholders, according to ownership structure during Q2 2005. The nomination committee must work as per the Swedish corporate governance code, and until the next AGM in 2006,.

The AGM appointed these persons for the remuneration committee: Gert Schyborger, Kerstin Ryer, and Per Edlund.

All decisions unanimous
The decisions in their entirety are available at the company in Stockholm, Sweden. The taken minutes from the AGM will be published on www.cybercomgroup.com.

For more information, contact
Gert Schyborger, board chairman, Cybercom, + 46 733 764 500
Kristina Svensson, communications manager, Cybercom, +46 708 644 702

About Cybercom
The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consulting company that offers business-critical IT solutions and consultancy services with telecom and selected technologies. Cybercom was launched in Sweden in 1995. Its share was quoted on Stockholmsbörsen's O list in 1999. The Group has operations in 10 countries and offices in Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Cybercom employs about 400 persons. Find out more at www.cybercomgroup.com

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