Bulletin from Cybercom's extraordinary meeting

2004-12-09, 09:00
Cybercom Group Europe held an extraordinary meeting on 8 December 2004. Meeting participants accepted the board’s proposal to finance the established supplementary purchase price for the Consafe Infotech acquisition through a directed share issue.

The company’s share capital is worth SEK 10,672,468. This issue will raise share capital by SEK 523,887 to SEK 11,196,355. The issue consists of total 523,887 shares with a nominal value of SEK 1 per share and at an issue rate per share that is comparable to the most recent paid rate on 8 December 2004, i.e., SEK 30.10

Subscription rights for this issue are granted to JCE-gruppen AB, Magellan B.V., J Christer Ericsson, and Per Edlund. Subscription rights for this issue deviate from other shareholders’ preferential rights.

Per Edlund is a Cybercom board member, so issue approval had to be granted by at least nine-tenths of the meeting attendees who are entitled to preferential rights (according to the LEO law, 1987:646, on certain directed issues carried out in companies listed on the stock exchange). The meeting’s decision was unanimous.

New shares must be subscribed to by 15 December 2004 at the latest (subscription is done via a special subscription list). Because of this directed issue, JCE-gruppen AB, Magellan B.V., and J Christer Ericsson will be the largest owners of Cybercom Group Europe, with total holdings of 14.3%.

For more information, contact:
Anneli Lindblom, CFO, Cybercom Group, + 46 708 644 720
Kristina Svensson, communications manager, Cybercom Group + 46 708 646 702

About Cybercom
Cybercom Group is a high-tech consultancy that offers IT solutions within telecoms and with selected partners’ technologies. It was launched in 1995; since 1999, it has been quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange’s O list (Stockholmsbörsen). Cybercom has operations in 10 countries and offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. The Group employs about 370 people (an average of 13 years’ consulting experience). Find out more at www.cybercomgroup.com.

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