Bulletin from Cybercom’s 2010 AGM

2010-04-21, 18:00
Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ) held its AGM on Wednesday, 21 April 2010. AGM participants resolved to change the company’s name to Cybercom Group AB (publ).

These items summarise Cybercom’s AGM resolutions.

Board election
Shareholders re-elected Wigon Thuresson, Hampus Ericsson, Thomas Landberg, and Ulf Körner, and newly elected Margareta Alestig Johnson and Roger Bergqvist for the period up to the next AGM. Wigon Thuresson was elected as board chairperson. Cybercom’s website presents the board members.

AGM participants resolved that an unchanged remuneration of SEK 400,000 should be paid to the board chairperson, and that remuneration of SEK 200,000 should be paid to each of the other board members.

AGM participants also resolved that remuneration of SEK 75,000 should be paid to the chairman and SEK 50,000 to the other members of the audit committee, if one is appointed. Remuneration to KPMG AB, the company's auditor, shall be paid as per approved invoices.

No dividends
AGM participants resolved that no dividends will be issued for the 2009 fiscal year.

Guidelines for remuneration of senior executives
In brief, the AGM resolved that Cybercom shall offer a market-based total compensation package that enables the recruitment and retention of senior executives. Remuneration to senior executives consists of a fixed salary, variable pay, pension provisions, and other benefits such as car benefits. The variable pay is based on achieved operational objectives; the wide majority of which correspond to financial goals. The CEO’s variable pay shall not exceed 30% of the fixed salary. For other executives, variable pay may not exceed two monthly salaries.

Changes to the articles of association
The AGM resolved to change the company name to “Cybercom Group AB (publ)”.

Nomination committee
AGM participants appointed Hampus Ericsson and Erik Sjöström as representatives of Cybercom’s two largest shareholders (JCE Group AB and Skandia Liv), and John Örtengren, representative for minority shareholders via the Swedish Shareholders' Association. AGM participants also appointed Wigon Thuresson, board chairman, as member and convener of the committee; Thuresson does not have voting rights. The nomination committee will appoint a chairperson.

At the AGM, 70% of Cybercom's shares and votes was represented.

The AGM minutes are published on Cybercom’s website, www.cybercom.com.

Find out more, contact:

Wigon Thuresson, board chairman, Cybercom +46 734 12 66 02
Kristina Lilja, general counsel and AGM secretary +46 702 23 89 46
Kristina Cato, communications director and IR manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 64 47 02

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