Board comments on JCE Group’s public offer on Cybercom

2006-10-02, 12:19

Via a press release from JCE Group, shareholders in Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ.) today received a public bid for acquisition of all shares in Cybercom.

Cybercom’s board will now evaluate the submitted bid and will issue a statement within a reasonable time period before acceptance-date expiration. The board will also commission an independent advisor to develop a fairness opinion that will be published in conjunction with the board’s statement.

For more information, please contact: Phone

Per-Eric Fylking, Cybercom’s board chairman
+ 46 70 320 60 70
Mats Alders, president and CEO
+ 46 70 725 32 00
Kristina Svensson, communications manager
+ 46 70 864 47 02

The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consulting company that offers business-critical IT solutions and guidance within telecom and selected technologies. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, the company can offer technology expertise within telecom – for network and terminal development. Cybercom specialises in portals and mobile solutions, e-commerce and billing, embedded systems plus telecom management consulting and networks. Cybercom was launched in 1995; since 1999, its share has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O list. The Group runs project worldwide and has offices in Denmark, India, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Cybercom currently employs about 450 persons. Find out more at:

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