Valmet boosts the benefits of Industrial Internet with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Valmet was looking for a trusted, capable and flexible partner, who has understanding and knowledge to boost their Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) journey. Valmet and Cybercom launched a significant co-operation between the companies by signing a Managed Service Provider for AWS contract. The contract includes onboarding and migration of the existing AWS environment of Valmet, continuous cloud services with 24/7 Passionate Support for AWS as well as expert and project services.  
”For us, it was important to find a partner, who has strong expertise and technology knowledge of AWS services and how to utilise those. In addition to that, Cybercom has long experience of industrial services and knowledge of Industrial Internet and its possibilities. With cloud services, we are boosting our clients’ performance for example by utilising data for preventive maintenance”, says Juha-Pekka Helminen, Director, Valmet Digital Ecosystem & Platform.

Industrial Internet gives positive impact for the whole business

Industrial Internet is moving to the next level. Therefore, Valmet is aiming for an ecosystem, where networks of different systems are impacting each other and connecting different value chains. It may be hard to see the impacts of this ecosystem to our society today, but it is believed to affect the whole industry significantly. 
”Sustainable cloud solutions and digitalisation will lead the industrial sector towards new digital environments and innovations, and simultaneously enabling them an agile way of business development. Industrial Internet is getting ready to take the next big step. This will affect Valmet’s future as well, and we will support Valmet there as their partner. Our certified cloud architects and experts will help the client realise the value of cloud services for their business. We are happy that Valmet chose Cybercom as its AWS partner and are looking forward our common cloud journey”, says Juha Markkanen, Managed Services Business Unit Director, Cybercom.

Developing and growing business with digital cloud solutions

Valmet’s Industrial Internet services are based upon a meaningful dialogue with data. Valmet aim to build an ecosystem that offers superior performance for their customers. Cybercom builds and develops together with Valmet their Industrial Internet services and give support the growth of the ecosystem. To ensure sustainable growth, Cybercom aims with the help of digitalisation and new technologies to create sustainable services and solutions.  
With this co-operation Cybercom affirms and amplifies its position as a leading cloud partner for the manufacturing industry sector in Finland and further Nordics. Cybercom is an IT service company and turnkey supplier that helps companies and organisations benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation. As a leading cloud services expert and maintenance provider, we have helped several of our customers build and implement successful cloud solutions. Our partners include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 


Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. 


Jussi Laakso

Sales Executive, Finland

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