The unexpected but important work of a CEO

2016-09-27, 15:21

Cybercom proudly present what our CEO did a Sunday afternoon before entering the #GlobalGoalsweek at #UNGCPSF (United Nations Private Sector Forum 2016) in New York.

Cybercom's CEO Niklas Flyborg devoted a day to support Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

"I've looked at the candidates' programmes for digitalisation and sustainable business. That's what I'm interested in and what we are working for at Cybercom. The Democrats have ambitious targets in this area. They' aim to improve the rules surrounding the internet and to enhance the opportunities for foreign labour to enter the country and work in young tech companies. This is important to us. Technology is universal without borders", says Niklas Flyborg.

Full article in Swedish business paper Dagens Industri:



Emil Svensson


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