Why to keep on hacking?

2017-02-15, 16:39

In a recent blog interview made by Pauliina Solanne with Cybercom employee Tarmo Pajunen he explained why Cybercom partcipates in hacks and how companies can benefit from it.

During last years software company Cybercom has sent a team to multiple Industryhacks. One of the familiar faces is Tarmo Pajunen, Business and Technology Advisor and Innovation Leader at Cybercom, who has been in the winning end multiple times and is hungry for more. What are the driving forces to participate and how does hacks benefit the company from the bigger perspective?

It is almost like a sports event for us. The whole company is following the Slack channel and encouraging our team. When I took that big prize check from the first Konecranes hack on a local train back to Tampere the whole office celebrated together. Hackathons have truly improved our company spirit among many,” says Tarmo. Even though the hacks are done professionally from the company perspective it is also about sending teams who are excited and have a passion to do it.

One of the most amazing things about hacks is to see how incomplete the world still is and how much can be achieved. When you go to visit companies from traditional industries as an outsider it is sometimes easier for us to see the big picture and help them develop digital solutions to improve their business.The possibilities are endless as long as companies have the courage to jump into the new,” says Tarmo.

Read the whole interview here