Samer about Talent Without Borders

2017-05-15, 14:13

Samer escaped from Syria, moved to Sweden and joined Hackademy.

Samer Noura is his name. He is 26 years old and from Syria. Samer has got a Bachelor’s Degree in System Engineering, a five-year education focused on networking. After finishing his education in Syria, he escaped the country because of the war and started freelancing for 2 years for a company established in Lebanon. During that time, he lived in Turkey but eventually moved to Sweden in hope of finding a safe environment.

Samer joined the program Hackademy by Talents Without Borders last year, 2016. The program is arranged by companies such as Softhouse, Jayway, Cybercom, Sony, AXIS communication, Ikea, Alite, Arbetsförmedlingen, Stella Nova och Malmö Stad. The purpose of the program is to help newly arrived Swedish citizens to get practical experience and getting a job. The number of participants are usually between 8-10 ensuring that everyone can get full support during the program.

According to Samer the program gave him the possibility to meet industry colleagues with similar backgrounds. In the beginning, he was mostly focused on getting the certificate and finishing the Hackademy with great results, but later he wished to get a job - which he did at us at Cybercom!

Short about Talent Without Borders

Talent Without Borders is a non-profit association founded in Malmö, Sweden. It was created out of the realization that many talented people chose to consider Sweden home. Some found a career, some found a partner, and many recently found a refuge for them and their loved ones. Yet numerous talents are currently facing unnecessary hinders in achieving their aspirations. Therefore, we - Practitioners, Employers and Enthusiasts, have joined forces to identify and pursue creative ways to remedy to this unsustainable situation. Our mission is to Empower Talent!

We were 8 participants who had a focus on getting great results, Samer said. We aimed high and wanted to perform well. Even though the program was only 8 weeks long, the cooperation with the other participants went very well. Samer explains that the mentors were very accommodating and nice. Samer said that he would recommend others to join the Hackademy program.