Sustainable food production

2017-05-18, 13:49

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is providing a growing global population with healthy and nutritious food while also working within safe environmental boundaries. The EAT Foundation was launched in March 2016 by Dr Gunhild Stordalen, among others, with the aim of reforming the global food system so as to be able to supply a growing global population with quality food from a healthy planet. EAT is pursuing the development of guidelines for consumers and the private sector concerning sustainable and healthy food from farm to table.

For our food management to become more sustainable, the earth’s resources must be used more efficiently and in a more environmentally compatible way, transportation must be reduced, and packaging must become more environmentally compatible and lead to less refuse and food waste. The EAT Stockholm Food Forum is an annual event that gathers experts in order to steer the food system towards greater sustainability, health, safety and fairness within the boundaries of our planet, and to provide a basis for how we can collectively change how we eat.