Smart Industries

2017-02-28, 13:58

Cybercom’s Innovation Zone is part of the project Smart Industries. A platform for creating competence and spread knowledge about the digitalization of industries.

In January 2016, the Swedish government presented a new strategic plan for the Swedish industry. The industry is in a paradigm shift and the digitalization brings new opportunities to develop new smarter and more sustainable ways to produce and new smarter ways of working with automation.

The competence is a key factor when Sweden faces new competition from other countries and when it comes to take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization.

The project Smart Industries started in January 2017 and is a collaboration between the trade and industry and Universities.

The project’s purpose and goal

The project’s purpose and goal is to create a platform for spreading knowledge about the digitalization of industries to make technical studies more attractive and to attract adolescents to the industry.

In this case the platform is a top technology “mini-factory” with the purpose to show a more digitalized, atomized and sustainable way of working in the industry.

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