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2017-04-03, 12:32

Issues surrounding the GDPR, which is the EU General Data Protection Regulation, are already robbing many enterprises of their sleep even though they are not coming till the next year. Given the sheer number of changes and the complexity of the matter there is in fact little time to get ready for the GDPR. That is why experts from Rödl & Partner and Cybercom Poland join their forces to give you a completely new service virtually unavailable elsewhere on the market. Such collaboration has been unheard of yet!

There are few IT specialists out there. There are also few experts in the Personal Data Protection Act. And there are even fewer people who know how to combine the knowledge with hands-on experience. That is why, to meet the needs and expectations of businesses, Rödl & Partner and Cybercom Poland have joined the forces and experiences of the best experts on the market. Together we have developed a proposal for large and medium-sized businesses – a comprehensive package of services related to the GDPR, starting from a review of the status quo to a security audit to recommendations for the future and training for the IT personnel.

What we offer is a legal check of your in-house regulations in terms of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, an audit of physical security of data processing areas, a security audit of data transmitted over the network and through web applications, legal and technical support in assessment of data processing risks, recommendations on the GDPR implementation and, last but not least, legal and IT training.

This joint proposal from Rödl & Partner and Cybercom Poland represents a unique combination of theory and practice, knowledge and skills in application and implementation of laws. It represents the straight-from-the-market experience. It is ultimately a guarantee of top quality, effective and problem-free navigation through the GDPR process.

You do not have to know everything. You just need to know where to find experts. Rödl & Partner and Cybercom Poland offer their knowledge, experience and support in data protection.


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