Most trusted business partner

2017-04-28, 14:10

How is Cybercom achieving its vision, to be our clients’ most trusted business partner in the Connected World? Bo Strömqvist is Head of Sales at Cybercom and is in charge of our largest manufacturing industry clients.

You have increased the satisfied customer index (SCI) from 69 to 73 in the past year, and are now six points above the industry average. What do you believe is behind this increase?

“A high level of customer satisfaction is paramount for us in terms of retaining and raising our clients’ confidence in us. Innovation and sustainability are gaining an increasingly central role among our clients, with the aim of bolstering their competitiveness, and in this regard Cybercom is very well-positioned and able to meet our clients’ exacting demands. That is one explanation behind the positive trend.”

Your vision is to be your clients’ most trusted business partner in the connected world. How are you achieving this? 

“A concrete example is that we help our clients bring their products to the market faster each and every day, which is imperative in today’s fast-paced world. We provide skills, resources and support in the process of transitioning from the concept stage to a finished product or service that can be launched. The ability to develop qualitative software is pivotal for clients in all industries. Another good example is that we support our clients in reaching their own customers in a more intelligent way, and thus provide professional business development and advisory services.”

You employ a concept for universal solutions, whereby Cybercom is present throughout the process.

“Most of our clients are driven by two primary forces: demands for greater innovation and lower overall costs. We address both of these perspectives with our lifecycle services. Using initial advisory and business development services, we help clients transform and develop their operations, create greater customer value and increase their revenues.”

“Of equal importance is reducing the overall costs of product development and management. In this regard, we can encourage clients to improve product quality by way of development, testing and efficient operational services. We are also able to deliver cost-effective solutions from our offices in Poland and India. Good examples of clients who use our lifecycle services include IKEA, where we enjoy a high level of confidence and focus on innovative advisory services and development, and ASSA ABLOY, where we deliver development and management using a combination of on-site and offshore deliveries.”

In what fields do you foresee possible growth potential moving forward?

“The strong digitalisation trend that is underway is going to accelerate even faster, so Cybercom’s positions in digitalisation, security and cloud services are highly relevant to our clients. Specifically, we foresee a continued strong trend in what is called the Internet of Things, which is the core of what we do here at Cybercom. Another prominent trend is the need for secure systems development. We have experienced a particularly significant increase in the area of compliance, where we offer several proprietarily developed services that are highly popular among our clients. The new EU directive concerning the processing of personal data – known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR – in particular will occupy many of our clients in the years to come.”