Cybercom Finland team won Konecranes’ hackathon competition

2015-09-10, 13:44

Congratulations Timo Myllymäki, Panu Horsmalahti and Tarmo Pajunen!

Cybercom team won the Konecranes Hackathon competition arranged September 4-6, 2015 in Hyvinkää, Finland. The winning team’s “Konecranes Avatar” concept utilized Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities in an innovative way by providing the cranes with a personality and enabling the distribution of relevant information to applicable stakeholders in real-time. The idea was demonstrated as a concept of which a smart watch application was developed as an example.

Watch the video

Watch the video!

“Deciding the winner was not an easy task for the jury. The teams presented several good ideas and concepts,” says Juha Pankakoski, Konecranes’ Chief Digital Officer. “It is challenging to come up with a solution for an intangible product like maintenance. However, the teams did well, and we are very pleased with the outcome.

“We wanted to really focus on tough issues around the Internet of Things,” says Tarmo Pajunen from Cybercom team. “Not many can tell what IoT will be, so it was really a great time to do hacking, as no one can say what is wrong or what is right – these things are evolving so fast.”

This was Konecranes’ second Hackathon event. The 12 teams of coders and designers were given 48 hours to develop and build new applications around the theme: “The Digitalization of Maintenance and Services”. The target was to improve maintenance and the maintenance experience.

Several promising ideas were presented during the event, some of them were concepts that could be quickly launched on the market. The next step will be to further analyze their business potential and the best concepts will be considered in ongoing and future development projects.

Congratulations Tarmo Pajunen, Panu Horsmalahti and Timo Myllymäki - well done! This is the second time we participated Industryhack challenge, and we have won both of them. This is awesome!