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2015-09-11, 11:42

... Head of Compliance Management Services at Cybercom and creator of The Procurement Check which won The Security Award 2015 in category best IT solution.

Why did you win?

Because we have given hundreds of people and organizations the ability to easily stop buying unsecure IT.


What is The Procurement Check?

It is a tool that Cybercom provides free of charge to enable businesses and government agencies to procure more secure IT. It is a balanced distillation of established regulations, and should be seen as an important checklist for defining specifications. 

It is difficult to define security specifications for IT procurement. But when successful, it achieves significantly more quality aspects than just security, whether you are a customer or a supplier. This means there are many reasons to prioritise security in IT procurement, and is why we have created The Procurement Check.

How is the response from the users?

100% positive. Sure it's fun when people come to a seminar, but the insidious signs that this actually is used is very satisfying. I heard that people asked questions about The Procurement Check at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency's conference recently and I have got great praise and additionally detailed improvement suggestions from a Belgian security expert who came across the The Procurement Check.



About Security Awards

Security Awards is the Swedish security industry's largest competition and rewards people, organizations, companies or the equivalent who have distinguished themselves with innovative, constructive and successful solutions, products, procedures or practices. Read more at http://www.securityawards.se/finalister-2015/ (in Swedish)

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Bengt Berg

Head of Compliance Management Services

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