With new conditions, new smart initiatives emerge

With new conditions, new smart initiatives emerge. It’s in times like these we as Makers of tomorrow make the best of the situation and positive initiatives emerge. Let us present a couple of them

Our Maker Minal setting up spare computers to be used in the fight agains COVID-19


Hack the virus – utilizing our assets: Our Makers in Gothenburg, now joint by Jönköping and Malmö, are offering computers to be active in the fight against COVID-19. The spare CPU and GPU cycles of these computers helps in simulating protein folding and computational drug design that hopefully will speed up the disease research. Do you want to join the team? 

Team name: Cybercom Team, number: 256923



Polish Government Hackathon – HackCrisis: Tech for Good - online hackathon dedicated to fight against the effects of Covid-19 with over 1,800 people from 13 time zones. Within 6 days, participants submitted a total of 189 ideas in three categories: isolation, facts and figures and education and some of our Polish Makers acted as mentors in the Hackathon. 


Hack the Crisis - Sweden: Between 3-6 April a Hackathon (Hack the crisis) was held in Sweden with the mission to design, test and execute ideas for the future of Sweden and the world. One of the winning solutions was an idea from our Maker Johan Ehrenfors. Read more:https://www.cybercom.com/innovation-zone/blogs-innovation-zone/innovation-zone-blog/hack-the-crisis---sweden/


3D printing for healthcare: There is a shortage of protective gear for doctors and nurses, so 3D Verkstan designed a frame for holding standard sized plastic sheets. Quick to print, easy to assemble. Our 3D printers in Gothenburg are using printfiles and settings from 3D Verkstan to help the healthcare sector. Want to help? Find printfiles and settings here: https://3dverkstan.se/protective-visor/


Virus spreading simulator: What does a data scientist do to tackle the virus anxiety? Well, our Maker Mikko Kursula built a virus spreading simulator! How effective could it be to stay at home when one is sick, if a vaccine existed or if we increased social distancing? The simulation model is meant to play with the key concepts in virus spreading control. It does not give scientifically accurate results and the parameters have not be calibrated from any kind of official sources. Read more: https://github.com/Kursula/virus_spreading_simulator 


Information Hub: How can we use the current crisis as an opportunity to bring long-lasting change towards a better climate after the virus crisis has ended?

Building on Mission Innovations initiate Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative, RISE and Climate KIC have taken the lead and develop a platform together with Mission Innovation Members and its network. Cybercom Innovation Zone was contacted as a leading stakeholder in the area of digitalisation and climate solutions to quickly build and publish a live website where anyone can share and learn from these practices

Read more: https://www.covid-19-responses-climate.solutions/home


JKPG takeaway: A new digital service for takeaway in Jönköping to help local restaurants. The new services is a collaboration between IKEA Torsvik, Taste JKPG and Cybercom. Read more here (in swedish): https://www.cybercom.com/sv/Om-Cybercom/Press--Media/Nyheter/jkpg---take-away/