Global challenges are creating new business

2017-05-18, 16:08

Innovative start-ups, technological developments and a digital generation are today challenging many traditional industries and established truths. We all need to think innovatively and responsibly. Cybercom is making a contribution with its newly developed Sustainable Digitalisation Advisor service. Within the framework of our advisory services we help our clients to understand how they can contribute to a net positive impact on society.

The net positive is a new way of doing business. It simply means giving back more to the environment or society than an organisation takes out, with an overall positive net effect. We can already see today that organisations that strive to become net positive strengthen their brands, deliver strong earnings growth and attract the best talent. Every organisation must choose its own unique path, but the objective is the same: profitable organisations that improve the world.

Cybercom's process (picture opens in a new window)

The reason Cybercom is aiming to create more net positive operations is based on a few clear trends.

  • More and more companies realise that they can contribute to the UN’s global sustainability goals, such as by becoming net producers of renewable energy or creating products that have a positive environmental impact.

  • There is strong servicification in many fields, which means a shift from products to services.

  • There is dematerialisation, whereby consumers receive the same or similar services, but with less consumption of natural resources.

One sector that has experienced these trends is the music industry, which has been completely remodelled after consumers began to subscribe to digital services instead of buying CDs. A similar development is taking place today in areas such as transport, real estate and food. What enables this development is digitalisation and, used in the right way, this is an important tool for us to solve our global challenges.

Cybercom’s processes for creating net positive activities includes the proven methodology of the Business Model Canvas, where we add a strategic sustainability filter. We help our clients to shift their focus from internal sustainability issues to external business opportunities. Including the net positive approach allows greater advances in companies, making them dare to think bigger and in new ways. Our experience is that this leads to innovative services and new revenue streams.