First in Finland: Direct connection to public clouds – steady connections, no disturbances

2015-11-05, 11:26

Cybercom's customers will soon be able to enjoy even more secure, steady and undisturbed data connections when Cybercom becomes the first service provider in Finland to offer a dedicated direct connection to the public cloud services of Amazon and Microsoft as a controlled service package.

The Cloud Connect service allows fast and reliable building of flexible and scalable hybrid cloud services for various business needs. Customers are able to choose which parts of the service will run in the public cloud and which will remain in the protected Cybercom Cloud service within Finnish borders. All the customer's traditional IaaS services, maintained in Cybercom's cloud data centers, can also be linked to the public cloud services via this connection.

The Cybercom Cloud Connect service uses a stable, direct network connection to replace traditional, software-based VPN connections over the public Internet. The connection is established using private network connections, and does not use the public Internet in any part of its route. Connections are available in port speeds of up to 10 Gbps. A direct cloud connection can also be routed to the customer's own sites or a third-party data center if a data connection to these has been established from Cybercom's cloud.

The Cloud Connect service utilizes the AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute connection interfaces. At the moment, the service is available for the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud services at a fixed monthly rate based on the maximum bandwidth.

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Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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