Cybercom signs five important Amazon Web Services (AWS) agreements at the end of 2016. What is in store for 2017?

2017-01-22, 12:39

Demand for Cybercom's Passionate Support for AWS service was very strong in late 2016 – as many as five important agreements were signed. Managed Cloud Services will play a decisive role also in 2017 in terms of boosting our customers' business and, in particular, enabling new business.

Cybercom's Passionate Support for AWS service provides customers with comprehensive support and development services for the Amazon Web Services cloud platform in one package: 24/7 on-call services, infrastructure and architecture design of AWS environments, as well as implementation and maintenance.

Tapio Koivisto, Head of Managed Services:

"The second half of 2016 saw a truly astonishing start for the AWS support service, which we launched in the spring. The service concept has been very well received among our customers. We are expecting to sign many new agreements also during this year. Last year we concluded five important Passionate Support for AWS service agreements, including those signed with MTV and Alma Media.

Cybercom has already more than 80 experts in the Nordic countries who have earned the AWS Accreditation or Certification. Our customers benefit from our broad range of expertise which enables them, for example, to receive local and very high-standard AWS on-call and expert services on 24/7 basis. Our customers can concentrate their energy on developing their own business applications, while we take care of their cloud platforms.”

Souvenirs from Las Vegas

Cybercom was attending the AWS re:Invent event held in Las Vegas in November 2016. It is the biggest of AWS organized events and organized annually. It brings together tens of thousands of AWS experts, end customers and partners, as well as business decision makers.

Tony Hendrell, Head of Managed Cloud Services, Cybercom Group:

"At the event, AWS published several new instance types optimised for various workloads, which shows that there are now more options available than before for optimising cloud usage. AWS also presented a large number of new and innovative services especially for their IoT platform, relating to areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and application data security. All of these are sure to play a very central role in our customers' future solutions.“

Prospects for 2017

Mr. Hendrell continues:

"The cloud market will continue to see strong growth also in the coming year.  Additionally, application availability requirements are continuously increasing as new industries are adopting cloud-based solutions. Applications being available as close to the end user as possible will probably be an increasingly important requirement.”

"Managing extensive cloud services portfolio and making the right technical choices can be challenging, which is why we believe that there will be an ongoing demand for our services also in the future. Expertise in cloud computing, IoT solutions and secure connectivity are the cornerstones of our know-how and we are excited about being able to combine all these areas of expertise with new technologies for the benefit of our customers' businesses also during 2017.”

Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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Tapio Koivisto

Head of Cybercom Finland

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