Cybercom Poland to establish new space for innovations in Nowa Fabryczn Łódź

2016-11-09, 15:41

The Polish unit of Swedish IT company, the Cybercom group, is preparing for its relocation to The New Centre of Łódź. The company has leased 2,500 sqm of space in the Nowa Fabryczna office building. Businesses, creative industries and transport will be within easy reach for employees, who will also have at their disposal an office arranged in accordance with the latest global trends.

- The heart of our company is the Innovation Zone, where we develop non-commercial projects and prototypes based on the newest technologies. These activities often include start-ups as well as numerous social and revolutionary projects, revolutionary – but suffering from under-financing. Such an innovation incubator requires space in order to engender a creative atmosphere. As an IT company, mainly employing software developers and heavily investing in innovation, we were willing to relocate to a modern and unique location that will become a showpiece of our company. We recognize the importance of space for our specialists, who work here on a daily basis. We would like to provide them with the opportunity to work in different places within the office, dependent on the projects they are working on . We also want them to have a working environment where they can have formal meetings, including video conferencing with international clients as well as more informal team building events. Nowa Fabryczna gives us the opportunity to establish such a place – comments Marcin Siech, Managing Director at Cybercom Poland