Cybercom AWS Business Group consolidates its leading position in the Nordics

Erik Torstensson is the newest addition to CABG’s leadership team and will accelerate the development on the Swedish market.  

He has 10 years of experience within cloud and has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in his new role. 

“I want to drive the development and take our cloud business to the next level on the Swedish market. As AWS advanced partner our goal is to become the natural partner within AWS in Sweden for the mid-market and enterprise segment. To be able to do this we need to scale up, accelerate and attract the right people.” 

Erik knows his strengths, what kind of value he can add and wants to contribute to Cybercoms growth both within AWS and throughout the whole Group. 

“I feel that the business confidence for cloud is high in Cybercom and it has great support from both the management and the board. My architect background in combination with my entrepreneurial qualities gives me a good understanding of both the technical parts of cloud and what kind of solutions our clients are looking for. I see myself as an enabler and my foremost role is to make sure my colleagues do what they do best and that they always perform” 


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Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced in December 2018 their fifth Region in Europe, first in the Nordics and located in Sweden. Cybercom announced already earlier in September 2018 a strategic collaboration with AWS as a format of Cybercom AWS Business Group (CABG) to help mid-sized companies, enterprises and public sector organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and boost their digital transformation. We are one of the selected go-with partners to AWS in the Nordics.

The CABG will be focusing on leverage the benefits of the new launched AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region, delivering low-latency cloud services as well as allowing customers to store their data in the Nordics, overcoming any data sovereignty issues they might have.

Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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