Cybercom at Swedish Foreign Service’s policy initiative #DriveforDemocracy

14th of September, Cybercom and Niklas Flyborg participated in a meeting under the Swedish Foreign Service’s policy initiative #DriveforDemocracy, invited by the Minister for Foreign Trade of Sweden, Mrs. Anna Hallberg.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the global trend of weakening democracy, human rights and the rule of law. This global crisis both causes and worsens socio-economic inequality including marginalization and exclusion, and corruption and trade impediments. It demands solidarity and cooperation, and rights-based political solutions and strategies.

“In order to defend democracy when lifestyles and behaviors are being transformed by digital technologies, we need to rethink the system and build back better.

History have shown us that it’s how we respond to disruption that decides whether we are winners or losers in a fast-changing environment and the winners are not those who defended their incumbent business models, but those that dares to question their fundamental way of creating value.

We need to go from best practice to next practice, post Covid-19.”

Niklas Flyborg CEO at Cybercom.


In the meeting national and international stakeholders in trade policy and promotion, explored the current challenges as well as the opportunities for action.