Cybercom Achieves the 100 AWS Certified Milestone

As part of Cybercom’s strategic collaboration with AWS and to further drive digital transformation through cloud adoption, we are happy to announce our latest achievement of the 100 AWS certifications milestone. Cybercom has doubled the number of certifications in 12 months and is on track building new AWS competence for the Nordic market. 

“We have been building our Cloud Academy approach and continuing to build on top of the existing experience and taking it further. We have reached new audited partner levels and have had a systematical approach in supporting people getting trained and certified for AWS services. We will sure to be one of the strongest contenders in the Nordics in this space – now and in the future”, says Rolf Koski, CTO of Cybercom AWS Business Group, Cybercom.

We are happy to announce our latest achievement of the 100 AWS certifications milestone.

Achieving AWS Certifications helps our Makers of Tomorrow to build credibility and confidence by validating their cloud expertise with industry-wide recognized credentials. Other organizations can also acknowledge Cybercom’s skilled AWS professionals and investment in building talent.  

“Our commitment and passionate approach to cloud services are the cornerstones of our success in delivering AWS cloud services. Market demand of skilled cloud specialists is growing fast as more organisations and enterprises are investing in enhancing their digital services. Our team of talented AWS cloud advisories, architects, and specialists are committed to deliver high quality solutions that help our clients gain maximum benefits of AWS cloud services”, says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group, Cybercom. 

Cybercom has been an AWS partner since 2012 building cloud native workload for its customers. In addition to its cloud expertise, Cybercom has over 20 years of experience of traditional hosting services. This combination gives a strong foundation to design, build, migrate and operate many different types of workloads on AWS, whether they are cloud native or hybrid.  

To further drive digital transformation through cloud adoption, Cybercom has a strategic collaboration with AWS called Cybercom AWS Business Group. This collaboration is utilized to leverage the capabilities of the AWS in the Nordics and especially driving the adoption of the AWS Stockholm Region. Leveraging AWS best practices, to enable a smooth, fast and successful transition to the cloud for its customers, Cybercom will use the AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS recommended best practices for secure and scalable infrastructure to realize the full potential of cloud-based services.  

Cybercom is also an official next generation and audited AWS Managed Services Provider and a DevOps Competence Partner. 

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