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Executive team

Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO Cybercom Group.

Niklas Flyborg (tif, 3 MB)
President and CEO Cybercom Group

Niklas Flyborg Cybercom

Niklas Flyborg (tif, 4 MB)

Ebbe Bo Hansen (jpg, 16 MB)
Head of Cybercom Danmark

Tony Hendrell (tif, 1,3 MB)
Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

Tapio Koivisto (tif, 2 MB)
Head of Cybercom Finland

Dennis Lundqvist (jpg, 1,5 MB)
CIO Cybercom Group 

Annika Nordlander Cybercom

Annika Nordlander (tif, 4 MB)
COO Cybercom Sweden

Bo Strömqvist, Cybercom

Bo Strömqvist (tif, 3 MB)
Head of Sales Cybercom Group

Linda Westlund (jpg, 3 MB)
Head of HR Cybercom Group