Chairman’s comment

The right path forward

Cybercom was taken private by JCE Group and Tequity in December 2015 and we can now close the file our first financial year as an unlisted company. Over the past year, we have resolutely continued to pursue our strategy and are now in many ways a different company than we were just a year ago. I am pleased to state that we experienced a substantial increase in demand for our services and that we are more competitive than ever before. We have also continued to strengthen our brand, which is pivotal to retaining and attracting our talented employees, who represent the key to our success. Backed by tailwinds from a positive market, we are now well equipped to further advance our positions. This has been particularly apparent from our clients, as we are now securing a greater number of good and exciting projects than perhaps ever before. The fact that we have together achieved our current position is thanks to hard and determined work, but we have more to give!

JCE Group and Tequity are jointly providing support to Cybercom and its management in efforts to safeguard the company’s future opportunities. This involves corporate responsibility – taking long-term responsibility for how we impact our environment. Our values as owners are entrepreneurship, professionalism and dedication. It is important to always act with professionalism; to make decisions while keeping an eye on a resilient horizon and based on respect for the individual and how our decisions affect society and the environment, in the short term and in the future. As Cybercom has the ability to serve as both an influence and an inspiration, it is important that our words lead to action and exceed our clients’ expectations on sustainability. We are convinced that this is in demand among clients, which creates a stronger Cybercom and thus bene-fits us, Cybercom’s employees and our clients.

As a shareholder, I am inspired by the 17 global sustainable development goals that the UN, the countries of the world and key companies signed in 2015. We know that the technology currently avail-able suffices in achieving every goal, yet we must all make an effort and turn our words into action. I know that corporate drive can take us a long way and that those of us in the business community have a key role to play in taking responsibility and helping achieve the goals. This goes for all industries and in particular our industry – the IT and telecom sector. Our innovative solutions enable, for example, more secure online banking services, digital services used by citizens when communicating with authorities, autonomous cars and even connected cranes that add to optimisation and efficiency enhancements. Cybercom has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2011.

Our goal is to constantly improve in order to create profitable growth. Cybercom aims to become even more client-oriented, agile and focused. The company’s foremost assets are its employees, our talented consultants. I am proud of our knowledge base and what we have achieved in unison over this period. Together we are making a difference for a better future!

Hampus Ericsson

CEO and Chairman, JCE Group
Main shareholder and Chairman, Cybercom Holding