The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Sustainability

2019-07-08, 09:57 Posted by: Andreas Carlberg

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Sustainability requires the society to think and act in a different way

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here. Virtually all companies and organizations are stepping into a digital reality. And things are moving fast. The 4IR is about Digitalization and Sustainability and it is on all world’s leaders agenda. Sustainability requires the society to think and act in a different way. Every industry becomes digital and cities becomes smarter. In the public sector we see major investments in new Citizen-focused services, increasing public benefit, cutting cost and increasing efficiency. In the Manufactoring industry corporations are moving from hardware to software, developing new business models with support of IoT, AI and Cloud services. But what does this really mean and what does it have for sustainability effects?

At least I know this, it will create new ecosystems with partners both within the private and public sector creating solutions with autonomous cars, sharing economy, digital security and virtual lives. Do you wonder how you can turn digital opportunities into tangible business results? Or how you stay ahead of the game, by realizing big ideas and constantly fine tune them to cope with tomorrow’s technology and expectations?

The questions we all should ask are a) how do we transform our business model to adapt to the 4IR? b) how do we earn money? c) how do we solve digital security? d) what sustainability effects are there?

Over all, it is about to get things done and to have the ability to move forward as constant change becomes the new normal. It requires our customers to act differently as organizations. Five years roadmap plans and internal thinking does not work anymore. The context of products and services changes so rapidly that customer value always is new and unknown to us. The shift in focus from products to new ways of providing a service it creating new demands.  It requires an outside-in perspective and an agile development way of thinking to cope with the faster pace.

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