Tech and feeding the masses

2019-09-25, 17:52 Posted by: Andreas Lambrant

Tech and how to feed nearly 3 billion extra mouths by the year 2050 

Open question to all of you readers, don’t be shy to answer. 
Is there anyone that has something that is even close to an idea on how to cultivate more food on less land? 

I’m asking because it is a problem that we humans as a collective are facing, dare I say that it is a rather big problem (of course I dare). 
The global population stood at around 7billion at 2010 and we are projected to be about 9.7billion people at 2050. (1) 

Global food needs will expand by 50% and demand for animal-base products, like meat, milk and egg will swell by nearly 70%. 
Today agriculture uses almost half of the world´s vegetated land, agriculture and related land-use change generate one quarter of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. (1) 

The real challenge is figure out ways to produce as much food as possible on the same amount of cropland, preferably on a lot less. 
Preferably is probably the wrong word here, I would say that we must do it in less. If we keep on cutting down forests and jungles for our crops, we’ll end up alone on this planet. 
Just a quick tip before we continue to even more interesting stuff. 
There is a show currently on Netflix called “Our Planet”. You should watch it, it’s mind-blowing and narrated by the one and only Sir David Attenborough. 

Tv-show tips aside, here is one of ten innovation points where technology could be a real booster. 
The rest of them can be found in the link that is reference number two (I would put more of them here but I’m trying to keep the posts short). 

Extended shelf life

Did you know that about one third of all food is lost between the farm and the fork, where fruit and vegetables are most common? (2) 
Fortunate for all of us there are companies that invest in different methods that could generate a longer life for different food items. All of them a variety of natural compounds. 
But couldn’t we innovate the shipping process in some way or maybe it’s time to somehow innovate the common household fridge? 

I will also share a link that talks about some of the challenges of how to feed ten billion people. 
They have nice graphs for all of you that are sick of text! 
You can find the link at reference point three. 

I believe that it is possible for us to feed ten billion people if we work together to innovate how we produce our food. 
There are so many different fields and processes that desperately need to be changed for the better. 
No idea is too absurd if it makes us move forward towards a smarter way of life. 
Maybe you have an idea on how to make any of the processes mentioned above or in the links better. 
If that’s the case it won’t only make you some money, you would also be a hero. Someone that stood at the forefront in the wave of change that we need. 

Make the world proud! 


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