Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality Education

2019-02-14, 10:20 Posted by: Cybercom Östersund

Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality education

An estimated 250 million ten-year-olds worldwide are unable to read. If you look at the total, the number of people unable to read is estimated at around 774 million, two-thirds of them women. These are frightening numbers!

For this reason, many of the goals are aimed at giving children a free education at an early age, with the ultimate ambition being for education to remain free up to high school level. All schools and training must be of a sufficiently high level and be designed for students to be able to move on to other schools or get a job. At the same time, they demand an elimination of the inequalities between girls and boys, with girls often being overlooked and missing out on the chance of an education. A big increase in the number of scholarships should be an option for continued studies for anyone who is short of money, with a great focus on developing countries and small island nations where the level of education is generally low. This requires more teachers and other people to try to develop a general study plan that will provide everyone with the same foundation.


What can we do?

To help provide a better education for everyone, you can get involved and volunteer as a classroom helper, provide homework support or, if you have a special skill that you know is needed, you can help out. Since programming will become compulsory in Swedish schools from the autumn term of 2018, the need for help from those who have these skills will grow rapidly. Those of us who work in IT, and particularly with programming, therefore have an important role as we can provide support for people who need it! Ask the schools near you if there is anything you can do.

What we at Cybercom Östersund can do is try to initiate collaborations with local high schools to improve students’ knowledge and willingness to continue their studying even after completing their education!



What is Cybercom doing?

Digitalisation brings many opportunities to contribute to sustainability goal 4. For example, by simplifying the application processes for courses we can help more people to apply for further studies. Below I have listed some things that we do here at Cybercom.

Cybercom and Gothenburg’s Universeum are partners in actively developing the curiosity of children and young people in technology and science. Together we have run interesting projects such as connecting the animals for research and tracking. Read more about Cybercom and Universeum

Together with Cybercom, which is responsible for the operation, the Finnish National Agency for Education has developed a solution for, a website that compiles the majority of Finland's university courses and, thanks to the cumulative digital solution, makes it easier for students to apply. Read more about

Cybercom has been a digital partner to the Swedish Media Council for three years. Together, we work to empower children and young people as conscious media users and to protect them from harmful media influences. Read more about the Swedish Media Council’s collaboration with Cybercom.


We have also set up Programmering och Pannkakor (Programming and Pancakes), an event aimed at helping children to program in Scratch. This event is completely free and open to everyone! Check out LinkedIn for upcoming events.

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