Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

2019-01-16, 11:57 Posted by: Cybercom Östersund

Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Eliminating the issue with starving people is a question that keeps on repeating itself and there are a lot of people engaged in solving the problem. There are tons of different organizations and cooperations that are actively supporting the absolute hardest-hit areas with food. UN has both long-term and short-term tasks that need to be solved. It’s given that targeted actions and contributions are needed and that some countries will need donations for quite some time. But they also have massive projects where seeds, seedlings, production animals, and tame animals are the central part. These projects also have a segment where the citizens are being taught how to take care, raise, and harvest the crops. This is part of the long-term work they are doing to eliminate the world hunger.

Another action is to improve the roads for transportation to and from areas that, prior to their work, have been very hard to access. This is to ease access to supplies, support actions, and/or access to a bigger variety of seeds, saplings, and animals.


So, what can I do?

You can donate money to organizations, become a world parent, or buy food rations that will be distributed to the people who need it. Of course, the bigger climate footprint you leave behind, the bigger impact on the climate change, resulting in higher average temperatures, less rain, and a more toxic environment that will bring less productive harvests. Just as we have seen in Sweden this past summer with high temperatures and a low amount of rain resulting in lack of food for our animals.


What does Cybercom do?

We are putting a lot of effort in to minimizing our share to climate change, as a company as a hole and when we are consulting other companies and organizations. We use new technology to find solutions and different variations of already existing things with a high effect on the climate. For many years, we’ve been a part of the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit to make changes on a higher level so that things will improve on multiple fronts at the same time!

Read more about the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit:



On the next blog post, we will look at SDG 3 – Good health and well-being. Stay tuned!

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